1.2 The strokes and hand placement

Check the tips below the video.

Tips for the strokes

Open tone: 

Keep your fingers together and place them on the skin as flat as possible. 


A good slap is a result of the correct hand position and relaxed but quick hand movement.  Open your fingers and keep them straight. Position your hand so that the first contact to the skin is with your little finger, immediately followed by the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. Do not use too much force! 

Bass: Place your hand in the middle of the drum and try to touch the skin with your hand as flat as possible. As tempo increases, you can play the bass slightly closer to the rim.

Closed tone:

Same as the tone, but leave your fingers on the skin and push it gently just after the contact. 

Closed slap:

Same as the slap, but leave your fingers on the skin. Do a slap with your fingers straight, but immediately after the contact, cup your fingers slightly. Avoid cupping the hand before the contact!

Tone piano:

Play a tone stroke using only your index finger.

Slap piano:

Play a slap stroke using only your index finger.

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